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xyce When the general public talks about Dutch Masters, they generally refer to Rembrandt, van Gogh, Vermeer and more. When I refer to the Dutch Masters, I'm talking about Men of Mega.

Hard-hitting Gameboy tracks with a harmonic undertone and head-nodding melodies. Who wouldn't want to listen to Repa after a whole day of banging two-fiddy pints? Put the bass on 11, the volume up and be prepared to 'caffeinate' yourself with coffee made out of kicks, snares, BASS and the occasional amen break! Favorite track: Deathrattle.
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And here it is. Our new EP Sorry.
It took us quite some time to finish the last 5% percent of the songs as our priorities were elsewhere. But although chiptune wasn’t top of mind, we did not forget where we came from. This is our ode to the chiptune scene. The most heart-warming and welcoming scene in the world.
When we started Men of Mega back in 2010, we never had guessed that our music would take us all around the world, making friends along the way.
Therefore we would like to thank the following amazing persons:
first and foremost, Frans and Rocco of EINDBAAS. Without the constant support of EINDBAAS there would not be a Men of Mega. We love you.
Also a shout out to all the other organisers that work so hard and take all kinds of risks to set up shows: Emily from 8static, thanks for the place to crash at Chiphouse Philadelphia, James and David from Cheapbeats, thanks for all the love and support from Japan. We are really proud that we are part of the CheapBeats family. Playing SST was amazing. The Belgium Chip Warrior, Jonas Moreel, who is crazy enough to sink all his savings into organizing awesome shows. Hannes irq7 and the Chip hits the Fan crew. Still the only chip show we played that booked us a hotel with champagne for breakfast. Fabio for the crazy weekend in Bologna and Rome. And for being Kenobit. Alex for booking shows in Russia. That Moscow weekend was quite something. Michael (Comptroller) for organizing shows in Scotland. The Banshee Labyrinth is still one of the most weird places we ever played (or was it because of the beers?). BTW: playing that Misfits show with you was an absolute highlight. Finally the Master of Kebabs, the one and only James CalmDownKidder.
There would not be a scene without the music and the awesome people that make it. The reason we started making chiptune in the first place was the Information Chase EP. So thank you Bit Shifter. For the music, your work with 8bitpeoples and Blip Festival. And of course for just being a nice person to drink a beer with. All the other North America peeps we met and played with: Bubblyfish, Glomag, Marjorie Becker, Trey Frey, Danimal Cannon, DIY Destruction, Iron Curtain, Anamanaguchi, Boaconstructor, Jessen Jurado, DJ Cutman, Cheap Dinosaurs, Auxide, Stormblooper, No Carrier, e.s.c., Adam Gets Awesome, Bryface, Akira 8GB (thanks for the Coney Beach trip and the awesome pizza) and grumpy old man Deadbeatblast. Last but not least An0va who, to this day, may be responsible for the best chip release ever. Go download the Teaching Machine now! The Ozzie crew: 10k, lets play Magic the Gathering soon! Eugene, lets not go to Millwall soon! Dot AY and of course the invincible and always smiling cTrix. All the talented people from Japan we met: Cheapshot (thanks for being such a nice guide everytime we visit Tokyo), Lazerbeat (thanks for the nanoloop tutorials), chibi-tech, NNNNNNN and Toriena. Our friends from all over Europe: Ultrasyd (your version of Consultation is still better than ours), Gwem (Guinness and Metallica is all we need), Cmen, Harleylikesmusic, Circuit Bird, Áron Birtalan, Marieke Verbiesen, Zombectro (thanks for the Blackmetal logo and karaoke), Galaxy Wolf, 2xAA, Goto80, Henry Homesweet, Oliotronix, Kodek, TDK, Pain Perdu (Damn you and your out of this world LSDJ skills) Arcade Superstar, Rosa Menkman, Desert Planet, Chipzel (come live in Utrecht!), Dario, Alex and her bike, Zan, Ulyana (thanks for guiding the whole drunken EINDBAAS crew through Moscow for 3 days without getting us arrested), Sabrepulse, Shirobon, havocCc, Jotie, HIA, Raquel Meyers, Je Deviens, DS-10 Dominator, Nordloef, Megathrive, Gasman, Feest DJ Okkie, Wisefire, Alpha-C, Rioteer and Arcadecoma. Finally, we have to give a big shout out to everybody’s favourite drunken Viking: Rymdkraft.
Of course, we cannot forget the most important people in the scene, our RUKSOK friends: Monodeer, RoccoW, Timbob, Cerror’s mum and xyce. Thanks for all the unforgettable moments. Lets throw hams and drink 2.50 pints!
If we forgot someone: sorry. Jasper & Bart, 2020


released February 10, 2020

This whole thing was made on a Nintendo Gameboy. Except for Intro (completely fakebit OMG) and Fling, which has some Ableton drum and bass loops thrown in the mix.

All songs were written by us, expect for Repa, a song originally written by Staatseinde. But they said that it was ok to include our remix on this EP. So there you have it.

Rocco “TAKKIE” Wouters mixed and mastered the shit out of our songs. Art by Jasper, cover model Zwarte Poes (2003-2019).




Men of Mega Utrecht, Netherlands

Awesome Chiptunes from the year 20XX!!!

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